BAFTA and WGA Awards Spoiled by the Internet

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight and Focus Features

The Writers Guild of America and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts are both looking for new Webmasters today after the winners of their awards — both officially announced over the weekend — were revealed early on their official Websites. The WGA's winners were accidentally divulged a month ago, when the nominees were listed on not in alphabetical order but with winners Juno (Original Screenplay) and No Country for Old Men (Adapted Screenplay) first. Likewise, BAFTA Award recipients were, reports the L.A. Times' Envelope blog, notified hours before yesterday's ceremony on via a release posted, presumably, by mistake (Atonement was Best Film, the Coens were Best Director, Marion Cotillard won Best Actress, and you can probably guess the others). In semi-related news, the winners of the Grammy Awards were kept a secret right up until last night's ceremony because, fortuitously, no one in the Recording Academy knows how to get on the Internet.

BAFTA leaks winners list early! [Envelope/LAT]
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