Patrick Stewart's ‘Macbeth’ to Offer Bang for Your Buck on Broadway?

Michael Riedel reports in this morning's Post that producers are standing by, ready to transfer BAM's Patrick Stewart–starring production of Macbeth to Broadway if the reviews are good. Well, one review, at least, is damn good, as Ben Brantley raves the revival in the Times, which suggests that Stewart might have a Broadway transfer — and a Tony — in his future. Our eye, though, was immediately drawn to the enormous photo on the front page of today's Times "Arts" section of Stewart and his co-star, Kate Fleetwood. They're so passionate! And her face is upturned in ecstasy! And … um … he looks like he's concentrating, and his hands … okay, there's no other way to say this. Is Captain Picard finger-blasting Lady Macbeth on the front page of the New York Times "Arts" section?

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