Ben Silverman Can Buy and Sell You

Photo: iStockphoto (cash)

NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman has sold his old production company, Reveille, for $125 million, most of which will go directly into Ben's pocket. Though Silverman has claimed there's no conflict of interest, the sale price could reach $200 million depending on the performance of Reveille shows already in production — some of which just happened to have ended up at NBC! Whaddya know! Anyway, this is definitely the feel-good story of the day; while NBC is cutting back on writer deals, pilots, and strike martyr Carson Daly's staff, Ben Silverman will be riding to work on the back of an enormous white tiger. But what else would you expect from a guy so driven, so focused, so unbelievably energetic that he can devote "190 percent of my energy" to his job at NBC? Let's see the D-girls at Fox and ABC beat that!

Company Behind Many TV Hits Is Sold [NYT]