Brand-new Velvet Underground Song! We Bet You Never Thought You'd Read That on a Blog!

Photo: Getty Images

1. The Velvet Underground, "I'm Not a Young Man Anymore"
This excellent, just-unearthed live track may be 41 years old, but its message (Lou Reed is old) rings truer now than ever. [Dead Flowers]

2. Common, "The Light (Just Blaze Remix)"
Just Blaze reworks this Finding Forever track with predictably phenomenal results. It's at least a million times better than the original — and we liked that version too! [Nah Right]

3. Supergrass, "Rebel in You"
Supergrass' brand-new sixth album leaked over the weekend. In case you were wondering, they're still great and they still like David Bowie. [Obscure Sound]

4. The Black Keys, "Strange Times"
Danger Mouse produced the Keys' upcoming fifth album. It doesn't sound quite as Danger Mouse–y as we'd hoped, but we like it anyway. [That Music]

5. LCD Soundsystem, "Big Ideas"
This new song from the soundtrack for 21 suggests the blackjack movie is going to be a lot more danceable than Kevin Spacey's other films. [Stereogum]