Can Michael Jackson's Face Get Viewers to Watch the Grammys?

Photo: Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Courtesy of The Recording Academy

Perhaps worried that the scheduled Fergie–John Legend duet won't guarantee them the blockbuster ratings that they so crave, Grammy producers have asked Michael Jackson to perform at Sunday's awards ceremony as part of a 25th-anniversary celebration of his Thriller album. He said no, of course, citing the lack of rehearsal time and, probably, the fact that any such performance would be a disaster on the magnitude of a Fergie–John Legend duet.

Not to be discouraged, organizers have agreed to go forward with the tribute as long as he appears onstage, even if he just stands there and waves. According to the Daily News, show producer Ken Ehrlich is confident that viewers will tune in to see what Jacko looks like now, and (presumably) if any parts of his face have fallen off yet. We hate to admit it, but Ehrlich is exactly right!

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