Conan vs. Colbert vs. Stewart: Late-Night Bloodbath

Last night's Late Night featured a gruesome, no-holds-barred battle between Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart, stemming from O'Brien's and Colbert's competing claims that each is the host who made Mike Huckabee's campaign. That the scene is four minutes long has less to do with the intensity of the blood feud between the late-night hosts as it does with every host's desperate need to fill the air with something, anything, that is funny without requiring writers. As Conan figured out, nothing is funnier — and requires less writing — than a tall guy fighting a short guy (with a regular-size guy in the middle).

Also, we don't know what they're all so upset about … clearly we made Mike Huckabee's campaign.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien [NBC via Defamer]