Disney World to Open ‘American Idol’ Attraction; Vulture to Ditch Children to Attend

Photo: Photo illustration: Courtesy of Fox

Starting in late 2008, Disney World in Orlando will be opening up an American Idol–themed attraction that is such a good idea we can't believe it hasn't already been open for five years. Guests can try out before Disney talent scouts over the course of the day; the best performers will land slots in Disney Idol shows, with the top vote-getters appearing in a grand finale performance that night. Each evening's overall winner will get a reservation to a future audition for Idol, the TV show, meaning they get to bypass the parking-lot lines and land straight in front of an AI official.

Sadly, the shows will not be judged by animatronic Randys, Simons, and Paulas; instead, audience members will serve as "judges," and winners will be chosen by audience vote. Nevertheless, this is the rare Disney attraction that we could totally see ourselves ditching our kids for; finally, average-singing, karaoke-loving Americans like us get to sing for AI without worrying that humiliating footage of us will later be broadcast nationwide. Count us in! Between this and Harry Potter Land, we're actually starting to contemplate a trip to hated Orlando.

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