Sarah Silverman Wishes Jimmy Kimmel a Happy Fifth Anniversary As Only She Can

Photo: Getty Images

"I'm fucking Matt Damon." Sarah Silverman's gift to Jimmy Kimmel on the fifth anniversary of his show [Defamer]

"I would probably lie next to him while he was sleeping and stare at him. Actually, it's not all that different than what I do now." Eva Longoria on what she would do to her husband if she were a ghost [BlackBook]

"Doing the show as an actor seems to send out a message that there are problems in your career. As soon as that goes away, I'm there." Mira Sorvino on her desire to perform on Dancing With the Stars [Pr-Inside]

"To this day I think Push It is about dancing! I really do in my heart, I am not playing. I even pulled my own lyrics after 10 or 15 years and I'm like, 'This is about dancing!'" —Salt-n-Pepa's Sandra Denton, who
incidentally thinks "Let's Talk About Sex" is about hand-holding

"I had heard something, that there was going to be one and said so, and got in sooo much trouble. I was in Melbourne when I said it, and I got back to the States and I had a message from Joss Whedon asking how I was planning to finance it. But in my opinion there will be one." Alan Tudyk, basically guaranteeing there will be a Serenity sequel [Moviehole]