Either McLovin's Film Career Is Going Great, or Paul Rudd Needs to Fire His Agent

Photo: Getty Images

"I'm starting a movie with Jack Black in two days. And then I have another movie coming out with Paul Rudd. So, I guess I'm completely different than the Vote for Pedro guy." Christopher "McLovin'" Mintz-Plasse [E!]

"Anytime we get press, it's like people shit on MTV at the same time. They're like, 'Oh, this show's really funny! It's on this network full of garbage.'" —Human Giant's Aziz Ansari [Pop Candy/USAT]

"I have to start working out more, though. I'm reading a lot of scripts, and there may be a scene where I have to jump out the window of a burning building with my shirt off. I want to look right." Diddy [Parade]

"They think I'm the Antichrist. They don't like us TV people to be part of it — it's ridiculous. It reeks of snobbery." Simon Cowell, music and television personality, overstates why he wasn't invited to the Oscars, a movie ceremony [Mirror]

"I don't know how I won it. I've never been on a list like that, either positively or negatively before. God only knows, but it's probably because I punched this 8-year-old kid in the face at the airport one day, and he wanted an autograph." Will Ferrell on why he was named the worst autographer by Autograph magazine [A.V. Club]