Ellen Page Not Doable Enough to Win Best Actress, Blogger Claims

Photo: WireImage

Old-timey chauvinist Jeffrey Wells declares on his blog that Ellen Page will not pull a Best Actress upset this weekend. Why? She's not fuckable enough. In making this claim, Wells, echoes a point he made in December: that a primary flaw of Juno is that Page looks too young and scrawny, and that "nothing about her says 'alluring breeding-age female.'" Therefore, Wells writes, Juno "wouldn't exactly be fighting off the attentions of hormonally-crazed teenage boys." Wells, who recently begged 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold for topless pictures of one of his actresses, is positive that the Academy will not give Best Actress to someone so "elfin."

Wells' commenters hilariously take him to task, of course, and we join them. Shame on you, Jeffrey Wells! The Academy will give Best Actress to whoever they want, regardless of her stature. Also, Ellen Page is too fuckable.

Page Will Not Win [Hollywood Elsewhere]
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