Enough With the Hilarious Celebrity-Fucking

Photo: Courtesy of Quick Stop Entertainment

Okay, we get it! It was funny when Sarah Silverman sang to Jimmy Kimmel about how she was fucking Matt Damon. And it was funny — if maybe 85 percent as funny — when Jimmy replied with his own song about how he's fucking Ben Affleck. But do we really need a third version of this Internet video meme, featuring the stars of Kevin Smith's upcoming Zack and Miri Make a Porno? We guess we grudgingly appreciate the look of despair on Elizabeth Banks's face as she admits, "I'm fucking Seth Rogen," but for the most part this is a bad case of diminishing returns. Let's nip this trendlet in the bud before we're all forced to watch "I'm Fucking Barack Obama" two weeks from now.

Elizabeth Banks is F*cking Seth Rogen [/Film]