For the Sake of the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie, Please Return That Alpaca Wig

That pitchfork, David Cross's tie: long gone. Photo: Courtesy of Fox

We’ve already gotten our banana suit out of storage in anticipation of a possible Arrested Development film, but according to, the movie’s suffered a terrible setback. It seems that when Fox canceled the show, the network also auctioned off some of the sets (like Lucille’s dining room), and, more important, some of the props. Which means completely essential items — like Buster’s prosthetic hand, G.O.B.’s Segway, and Franklin’s puppet costume — are now in possession of some of Arrested Development’s dozens of fans. Normally, the studio would just replace these things, but Arrested Development’s obsessively discerning viewers have been trained to watch the show so closely that to notice, say, a replica Aztec Tomb would completely ruin the experience. So we’re putting out a call: If you bought a Cornballer, an alpaca wig, or anything else from Fox’s auction, return it to Mitch Hurwitz immediately. A grateful nation, or at least a grateful Vulture, thanks you. —Joe DeLessio

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