‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans So Angry at Ben Silverman They're Sending Him Envelopes Full of Broken Glass

Photo: Courtesy of NBC; Getty Images, iStockphoto

Fans of NBC's Friday Night Lights, angry at NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman for constantly pushing 30 Rock over their favorite drama, are taking matters into their own hands as the show's final pre-strike episode is airing tonight. Spurred on by the FNL-loving editors of Best Week Ever, fans are sending Silverman envelopes full of broken glass, hoping against hope that the exec will take one look at his coterie of assistants as they lie weeping on the floor, their bleeding hands staining his plush carpet, and, cowed by the ferocity of scorned fans of quality television, will renew their favorite show.

Oh, what's that? Apparently they're just sending NBC lightbulbs. With "LIGHTS ON" written on the side. You know, like how fans of Jericho sent CBS packages full of nuts. Our bad. Well, surely those lightbulbs won't shatter, right? Although even if they do, we're okay with that.

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