Great Feats of Daring at the St. Vincent Show

For my next trick, I shall ... play this guitar! Photo: Brandon Cuicchi

Nothing can turn a great show silly like a semi-ironic cover. Last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, St. Vincent lead singer Annie Clark interrupted the band's set of quirky but heartfelt love songs for an a cappella go at Anita Ward's classic disco track “You Can Ring My Bell” — and it didn't suck! It was a surreal moment that hinted at genuine vulnerability: Clark started off quiet and unsure, her voice growing until she hit “bell,” which she positively belted. And with that, the rest of group picked up handbells and rang them furiously for about a minute. Clark, a local, later shouted-out Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, and Park Slope — only, naturally, to have someone from the crowd yell out “Greenpoint!” “My man from the GP!” she called back, as if ringing a bell of her own. —Brandon Cuicchi