Harvey Weinstein Takes Our Advice!

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Way back in August, we asked producers to buy Evan Kuhlman's 2006 novel Wolf Boy, which at the time, we wrote, was "getting a little bit of heat in Hollywood." Happily, someone has finally listened; word comes in Variety today that the Weinstein Company has optioned the novel, a sensitive and funny story of a young man dealing with the death of his brother by drawing a comic book.

At the time, we offered an incentive to Hollywood bigwigs: "If you option this book," we wrote, "Vulture pledges not to make fun of you for a period of six (6) months." Now that the bigwig in question is Harvey Weinstein, do we have the guts to follow through on our offer? Even if he does something crazy and hilarious and Harveyish?

No, probably not. C'mon, this is Harvey Weinstein we're talking about here! Surely sometime in the next six months he'll cut a Sundance prize winner down to twenty minutes and release it straight to DVD. But if we do write anything mean about him, we promise to end the post with the following sentence: "On the other hand, Harvey optioned Wolf Boy, so he's okay in our book!"

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