Here's the Only Thing You Missed by Not Watching Last Night's Grammys

Unsurprisingly, the only watchable part of last night's Grammy Awards came courtesy of a noted substance abuser with a tenuous hold on reality (not Clive Davis). Owing to visa problems, Amy Winehouse had to be beamed in from England, but that was just as well since the Atlantic Ocean wasn't all that separated her performance from the crappy ones happening onstage at the Staples Center (which, by and large, leaned mostly on stupid gimmicks, lame gymnastics, and the cast of Stomp). Given that she's still, technically, in rehab, this probably should've been a disaster (and she does shout out her jailed husband and her favorite pub), but it's actually the best Grammy performance we can remember, pretty much ever. Make no mistake, it certainly wasn't worth watching the show for, but it's definitely worth six of your minutes this morning.

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