Janet Jackson Unveils Latest Innovation: A Daft Punk Sample

Photo: Getty Images

1. Janet Jackson, "So Much Betta"
Not even a Daft Punk sample can make this track much "betta" than you were probably expecting. [Hyperbole]

2. Looptroop Rockers, "Marinate"
Solid rhymes top a funky, Latin-y beat. We'll take it. [Stockholm Beat Connection]

3. Metronomy, "Toxic"
This polka version of the Britney classic is as inoffensive as it is inessential (and ten times as stupid). [The Sweet Fix]

4. Usher, "I Can't Win"
Here's the token ballad from Usher's forthcoming album. It's dull! [Rap-Up via Idolator]

5. The Bird and the Bee, "Come As You Were"
Not only is their moniker too cute to stomach, these guys released an EP of love songs on Valentine's Day. Adorable! [Off the Record]
—Ehren Gresehover