Kanye West Makes the Grammys Safe for Space-Helmeted Frenchmen

Photo: Getty Images

1. Kanye West feat. Daft Punk, "Stronger"
Last night, Kanye lost his third Album of the Year Grammy — but at least Daft Punk got to be on TV! [Asian Dan]

2. DJ Schmolli, "Funky Kommissar"
DJ Schmolli just released the least-asked-for album of all time (a record of Falco mash-ups) — and here's a track from it! [Culture Bully]

3. Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon, "Bianca Montale"
If you've ever dreamed of listening to Sunset Rubdown and Interpol at the same time, today just might be your lucky day. [Trash Menagerie]

4. Sean Garrett feat. Ludacris, "Grippin' on the Bed"
Sean Garrett is the latest producer to pick up a mike. We hope he puts it back down! [Mixtape Maestro]

5. What Made Milwaukee Famous, "Resistance St."
Presumably named for beer, fried cheese, or polka, What Made Milwaukee Famous are back with their second record. If they sound like Spoon, it's because Spoon's drummer produced some tracks. [Obscure Sound]
—Ehren Gresehover