‘Kung Fu Dunk’ Trailer Makes Us Want to Tomahawk-Jam on a 75-Foot Rim

Tagline: "Game On."

Translation: A movie called Kung Fu Dunk doesn't need much more explanation.

The Verdict: Wikipedia and a poorly subtitled version of the trailer that we found on YouTube seems to indicate that the plot is just what you'd guess: A kid who grew up in a strict kung fu–training school discovers he can use his crazy martial-arts moves on the basketball court, where normal rules of gravity do not apply, with awesome results. Meanwhile, he must also fight gangs of thugs in a more cinematically conventional (but no less awesome-looking) manner; one imagines that the attentions of a comely basketball fan are also involved in some way. The movie's based on a wildly popular nineties Japanese manga (and later anime) series called Slam Dunk, though it does make a little more sense set in basketball-crazy China. Sadly, Yao Ming was unable to film a planned cameo appearance — but perhaps he could be digitally inserted for the American release that, if there is a just God, will happen soon. —Ben Mathis-Lilley