Michael Bay Sells Out, Earns Our Respect

Yesterday, we wrote two posts lightly mocking the films of Transformers director Michael Bay for being mindless, inane live-action cartoons with more explosions than brain cells — and today we apologize. In this brand-new commercial for fiber-optic Internet service, Bay bounds around his mansion showing off his pet tiger, blowing things up by remote control, and demanding that all things in his life be "awesome." And guess what? It's awesome. He does a pretty capable deadpan, and we won't deny that we, too, would like a fire-breathing Transformer for our backyard. From now on, maybe we should be less critical until we can demand the same level of awesomeness from ourselves. Also, we think it's sort of clever that he's shilling for a technology that makes it totally easy to pirate all his movies on BitTorrent.