Morris Day's Been Watching You, Rihanna, and He Thinks He Wants to Know Ya (Know Ya)

"Come on Rihanna, where's your guts? You wanna make love or what?" Photo: Getty Images

"I think she's a sexy young lady. I have kids as old as her … But I enjoyed it. That did not stop me from noticing." Morris Day on his Grammy co-star Rihanna [MTV]

"We were trying to work in 'cash' as the rally cry for the seventh episode, but they might have cut it out." Skeet Ulrich, who's hoping that Jericho fans will send money instead of peanuts this time around [LAT]

"I think there will be a lot of people getting liquored up before they go back to work." Tina Fey on the WGA East awards ceremony [LAT]

"Whatever sign he is, he's supposed to be compatible with my sign. That's just bizarre to me. That he fits with what I'm compatible with. I kind of threw astrology through the window on that one." Paula Abdul on Simon Cowell [LAT]

"Yo, stop stopping me in the street, asking me why I did that to Joe. It's a television show, man!" Method Man on getting flack in the streets for the way his character acts on The Wire [MTV]