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This Morning in Oscars: On Top of Everything Else, George Clooney Will Win Your Oscar Pool

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Today's Oscar roundup: Now with Oscarbullets™!

Over at Time, George Clooney takes a moment from eating dinner at Joel Stein's house to offer up his Oscar picks. We bet he's right about all of these, that handsome rascal. Related: We've refrained from writing anything about Stein's Clooney profile because, um, we thought it was kind of good.
The Oscars: Some Country for Old Men! Norman Jewison offers his take on the Best Picture contenders to Jeffrey Wells, noting that Michael Clayton might get the votes of those who like serious movies but don't love bloodshed. Meanwhile, Paul Mazursky explains confusing endings in Radar: "Both Anderson and Day-Lewis are huge bowling fans, and There Will Be Blood can be read as powerful advertisement for the sport. Bowling, they tell us, can be cathartic. When you get the blues, go bowling." Also: Neither one of them has seen Atonement, apparently.

Everyone and his uncle is posting Oscar predictions today — even the wildly unqualified — so do yourself a favor and stick with the wisdom of crowds. The L.A. Times Buzzmeter tallies the picks of 32 Oscar commentators. We slightly prefer the Gurus o' Gold, if only because that more-selective establishment showed its quality by not inviting us.

Do you require your Oscar analysis to include math? Do you prefer the math to be less half-assed than Vulture's? Check out the latest odds from bookmakers taking bets on the Academy Awards at Awards Daily, and follow the betting marketplace. Or drop in on FilmJerk's exhaustive analysis of every mathematical precursor they can think of.
At last, thanks to the Onion and $125 million worth of CGI, Michael Bay wins his Best Director Academy Award. Choice passage: "Meryl Streep, who commanded a $5 million salary for her role as the presenter of the Oscar, said the production was the biggest challenge of her career. 'To put yourself in that mental place, in a world where something like this would be possible, it's just indescribable.'"
Maxim's (fired?) film critic Pete Hammond provides today's head-slapping commentary moment with this gem, from a Reuters analysis of Ratatouille's chances in the Best Animated Feature category: "Even in our presidential race, where either a woman or an African American is about to win a major party nomination — just like a rat running a French restaurant — who would ever have thought that would happen?" (Related: DI on Hammond.) Filthy, disease-ridden rats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had no comment.