Pearl Jam Will Not Rest Until John McCain Is Elected President

Photo: Nick Stevens / Retna

1. Pearl Jam, "Rock Around Barack"
Pearl Jam pledge their unwavering support to the Republican party with this cringe-worthy campaign song, which is so corny it's practically guaranteed to hurt Obama's chances. [Anyone's Guess]

2. Man Man, "Top Drawer"
This is the first leak from Man Man's new album, Rabbit Habits, and it proves that they're still the champs of the ghost-pirate circus-rock subgenre. [Deaf Indie Elephants]

3. Rich Boy feat. Lil Wayne, "Ghetto Rich"
Wayne does his best, but with a weak beat like this, it's still not good enough. [Attorney St.]

4. Bob Mould, "Again and Again"
Mould berates himself for taking someone back "again and again." Fortunately, he's in good enough form here that we don't feel as bad about taking him back — this time. [Pop Drivel]

5. Mountain Goats, "Down to the Ark"
Weekend America asked John Darnielle to write a song about Super Tuesday, and he gave them an apocalyptic tale of robed delegates smearing their blood on the vestry walls. Safe to say he probably wasn't out canvassing for Obama yesterday. [Weekend America]
—Ehren Gresehover