Please, Hollywood, Don't Make the Black Eyed Peas Any More Famous Than They Are Already

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, as a reckless poststrike deal-making tornado continued to ravage Hollywood, two thirds of the Black Eyed Peas were inexplicably cast in upcoming movies; Will.I.Am will star in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as John Wraith, a mutant whose proclivities include teleportation and huge bombs (the producers must've heard his most recent solo album. Rim shot!), and oft-forgotten Pea Taboo will appear in video-game adaptation Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

True, Fergie's presence did little to mar Grindhouse (mostly since she was barely in it), and we probably weren't going to see Wolverine or Street Fighter anyway. Still, hasn't the market already (mercifully) decided that these guys are over? Will.I.Am's Songs About Girls was such a flop, it cost 60 people at Universal their jobs — and we can't remember the last time we heard anything about Taboo. Just when we thought the possibility of another "My Humps" had been averted, though, there they are in Variety, getting acting jobs. Honestly, Hollywood, is extending's career really the best possible way to spend millions of dollars?

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