Raekwon Is the Type of Dude Who May Be in a Helicopter Over the City Having Sex

Photo: WireImage

"I'm the type of dude who may be in a helicopter over the city having sex." —Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon on his Valentine's Day plans [NYDN]

"Really those prizes are for the parents." Feist, who doesn't care so much that she was shut out at the Grammys [BBC]

"I'm just telling everyone to tape Eli Stone just in case Lost cuts off early on the TiVo." Jorge Garcia, who apparently wants the American people to have "Faith" stuck in their heads for five more weeks [TV Guide]

"That's not movie snot, that's real snot. She'd go full on into that, and then they'd go 'Cut!' And she'd get up and start telling jokes. I remember my editor was there, and he was in shock: 'How can she do that? That's so weird! How can she go from crazy to telling jokes?'" Stuart Townsend on directing girlfriend Charlize Theron [BlackBook]

"Although I'm impressed you learned my bass guitar part on 'More Than a Feeling,' I am an Obama supporter." Tom Scholz of the band Boston, to Mike Huckabee [NYP]