R.E.M. Finally Sounding Like R.E.M. Again

Photo: WireImage

Obviously it was with major trepidation that we approached "Supernatural Superserious," the super-stupidly titled new R.E.M. song from the band's forthcoming album, Accelerate. Does anyone even remember the last time they released a truly excellent single? (1996, "Electrolite" — thanks Wikipedia!) Mostly, they've just been farting around in the studio with synthesizers, drum machines, and Q-Tip. Till now, apparently — "Superserious" sounds like something that wouldn't have been completely out of place on New Adventures in Hi-Fi or even Out of Time if Kate Pierson were singing backup on it (which, tragically, she is not). We sort of can't believe it, but we're actually looking forward to a new R.E.M. album — we almost feel young again!

In fact, we like this song so much that we're just posting the streaming version (via Pitchfork) and leaving the piracy to you.