‘Step Brothers’ Trailer: John C. Reilly Needs Some New Friends

Tagline: "From the guys who brought you Talladega Nights…"

Translation: …and probably ruined John C. Reilly's chances winning an Oscar anytime this decade!

The Verdict: Wasn't there a time when John C. Reilly almost became the next Phillip Seymour Hoffman? In 2003, accepting a SAG Award for Gangs of New York, Daniel Day-Lewis called him a "terrible man" for "making all the actors around him look like they're acting." These days, though, we can barely remember the last time he was in a movie with any acting — The Aviator, maybe? Sure, we liked Talladega Nights, and Walk Hard wasn't as crappy as it looked from the trailer. And, yes, Step Brothers will probably have its moments too (who can't enjoy the sight of Will Ferrell being beaten up by children?), but we'd sort of like to see Reilly in a movie without farting again.