‘The Love Guru’ Trailer: Mike Myers Does Not Bring Us Peace, Love, or Understanding

Tagline: "The second-best guru in India is coming to America."

Translation: …to be played by a third-rate comedian in a fifth-rate movie about America's ninth-most-popular sport.

The Verdict: We guess that if, years ago, you'd explained to us the concepts of Wayne's World or Austin Powers in Buffalo-style shorthand ("Two meatheads run a cable access show" and "Return of a priapic, snaggletoothed sixties spy," if you're wondering), we'd have been unimpressed. But even more than any previous Mike Myers vehicle, The Love Guru seems formed solely out of Myers's extremely specific catalog of passionate loves: Eastern mysticism, ice hockey, midgets, and Mike Myers. While it's possible to conceive of the moviegoer who shares one of those interests, or even two, it's likely the only person in the world deeply fascinated by all four is Mike Myers. So that's a problem. A more serious problem: It's infuriating rather than funny. When the only good part of your trailer is Justin Timberlake in a québécois accent, your movie's in trouble. Tabarnac!

The Love Guru Trailer [Trailerspy]