‘The Moment of Truth’ Finally Delivers on Its Promise to Ruin Marriages

Sure, we've had our problems with lie-detecting game show The Moment of Truth in the past, but last night, for the first time, it actually lived up to the potential of its relationship-destroying premise. The contestant, Lauren, decided to answer every question, even after her mom asked her to stop. Even after her sister pressed the button to make her stop. Even after the host told her to stop.

Bless her cold heart, Lauren kept right on going. Does she steal from work? Yes. Was she in love with someone else on her wedding day? Yes. Has she ever cheated on her husband? You better believe it! At this point, she'd accrued $100,000. But then, in what will likely be remembered as one of the all-time greatest moments in reality-show history, she lost everything on a throwaway question (turns out she doesn't actually believe that she's a good person), thus rendering her marriage-ruining confessions totally pointless. Maybe it's time to start TiVo-ing this show again! —Amina Akhtar