The ‘SNL’ Accounting Department Should Probably Keep an Eye on Will Forte's Expense Reports

Photo: WireImage

"Will Forte spent the strike refining his John Edwards impression only to see him drop out. Forte now claims the show should reimburse him for the $200 haircut he received to 'prepare for the role,' although, knowing Forte, it was probably a $20 haircut, with the other $180 funding his comprehensive manscaping project." Seth Meyers on the political impressions we won't get to see because of the strike [EW]

"Jason Sudeikis told me not to look into the camera and that they use microphones on television. So that was just … such a help." Casey Rose Wilson, the newest cast member on SNL [Apiary]

"The '80s are funny too, and I guess we'll look back and the '90s will be funny too, but the '70s are holding strong." Will Ferrell on returning to the seventies for Semi-Pro [AP via Yahoo]

"It's one of those records that if you never heard it before, it's gonna be dynamic to your ears. If you have heard it before, it's gonna take it back to a time where it felt good, where music was all about feeling good and partying. No killing. No dying. Everybody just lives happily ever after and parties all the time." Snoop Dogg on his cover of the Time's "Cool" [MTV]

"I don't think I've ever seen so many people [write] 'OMG' in my life." Rachelle Lefevre on the rabid fans of Twilight [MTV]