Leaked Clip From ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Looks Great, Whatever It Is

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Over the weekend, this leaked clip, purportedly from Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze's upcoming movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, hit the Internet to much wonder and speculation. What is it? No one knows! This particular scene wasn't in the screenplay we reviewed last October (though, we should point out, it wasn't a final shooting script), and Ain't It Cool News' Moriarty says he's seen an early version of the film in which Carol (the Wild Thing seen above) is voiced by James Gandolfini, whom we definitely don't hear in the clip. Also, /Film points out that the child actor playing Max doesn't look like Max Records, the one in the official still. So, the general consensus is that this is a screen test, albeit one with some impressive-looking special effects. Whatever it is, it looks fantastic and makes us even more excited for the movie, which, sadly, isn't due until 2009.

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