‘Young Frankenstein’ Producer Is Sorry About Those $450 Tickets, But Not So Sorry As to Charge Less

Sillerman Photo: Getty Images

With Tony season approaching, it's time for producers everywhere to stand tall and take their lumps in hopes of engendering goodwill toward their shows. First in line is Robert F.X. Sillerman, producer of Young Frankenstein, who eats some crow in today's Variety, announcing loudly and proudly to the world that the incredibly unpopular $450 tickets to the show were his idea, all his!, and not the idea of anyone who might possibly be nominated for a Tony. Specifically, not Mel Brooks. "Mel fought me tooth and nail," he insists to Variety.

According to Sillerman, the money-focused coverage hurt the show. He even blames his ticket-price decision for the poor review Young Frankenstein received in the Times, which we guess for a producer is a lot wiser than blaming it on the fact that your show was kind of a botch.

It's worth noting, though, that while Sillerman's sorry about the response the $450 tickets caused, he's not sorry enough to, you know, stop selling tickets for $450. "We sold a ton of premium tickets before anyone knew anything about the show, and we continue to sell them," he says. The policy — though he's sorry! — will not change.

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