French Animators Reveal the Dangers of Office-Based Paper Engineering

We've all seen our share of variations on the Walter Mitty story. (And sure enough, Hollywood's working on another one as we speak.) But for us, the short, sweet, and very magical Sebastien comes closest to conveying the alternately ridiculous and poignant appeal of tales about eternal daydreamers. Featured as one of the opening promotional shorts of the 2006 Annecy International Animation Festival, Sebastien was directed by the team of Geneviève Godbout, Carole Carrion, Mourad Seddiki, and Samuel Wambre, who were students at Paris's Gobelins School of Image at the time. Films made at Gobelins, one of the best animation programs in the world, are distributed by the Paris-based Talantis Films, which specializes in animation and special effects shorts. To see other awesome examples of their work, check out Talantis's YouTube channel. —Bilge Ebiri