Banana-Fueled J Mascis Performance Inspires Mosh Pit

Photo: Courtesy of Witch

An hour before J Mascis's other (not Dinosaur Jr.), other (not the Fog) band, Witch, drowned Luna Lounge in blown-out psych-punk last night, Mascis fueled up with a banana from Hana Food on Metropolitan Avenue (we were buying a booze-tempering Odwalla bar). The shot of potassium must've helped — from the opening drones of "Old Trap Line," the first cut on new album Paralyzed, Mascis executed airtight fills (he plays drums in this band) with such pursed-lipped ho-humness you'd have thought he was knitting.

Our enjoyment of the show was briefly interrupted when we accidentally elbowed the wrong uptight hipster, and he tried to fight us, which was awkward because we're tall and, you know, not a dude. Another guy tried to defend our honor, and the tussle sparked an honest-to-goodness mosh pit, which momentarily cleared the floor, much to the band's surprise. There were no hard feelings, though, and Witch closed with riff-y stoner anthem "Seer," thrilling all those in attendance. Before calling it a night, singer-guitarist Kyle Thomas leaned over fans in the front row and joked that the band couldn't do an encore because they didn't know any more songs on their set list. —Elizabeth Cline