Blasphemy! Blake Lewis Doesn't Like David Archuleta

Photo: Photos: Getty Images

Add beat-boxing American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis to the list of minor speed bumps David Archuleta will roll over on his way to unstoppable televised glory. Lewis, who claims he never even watched American Idol before this season, thinks Archuleta is "boring" — a claim that so upset Archuleta's fan base that the comments at have been overwhelmed with posts slamming Lewis. Plus, there are a whole bunch of super-creepy comments from self-proclaimed cougars who can't stop thinking of — and voting for — David Archuleta. Heads up, Lewis — this is a guy who survived not even knowing who the Beatles are. That which doesn't kill him just makes him stronger.

Blake Lewis Thinks David Archuleta is Boring [ via Idolator]