Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday’, the Sequel to ‘Repo Man’

In 1984, frustrated punk-rocker Otto fell in with a crew of hard-core Los Angeles car-repossession agents and saw his world turned upside down. Soon enough, he was chasing a 1964 Chevy Malibu through the desert, fighting FBI agents, and getting abducted by Martians. Now, 23years later, Otto is back … or is he? He thinks his name is Waldo, he seems to have forgotten a lot of the amazing things that happened to him, and somewhere far out in space, someone is watching.

Alex Cox's Repo Man is one of the great cult movies of the eighties; now Cox has written a sequel, not for the screen but for the page. Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday takes the freaked-out punk aesthetic of Repo Man and delivers it kicking and screaming into 2008. The graphic novel is out this month from Gestalt Publishing.

Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, by Alex Cox, Chris Bones, and Justin Randall

What happens next? Check out Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, the official sequel to Repo Man.