David Archuleta's Father Is Taking Stage Parenting to a Whole New Archu-Level

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, we wondered how American Idol front-runner David Archuleta got to be such a strong contender. And now we know — he has a crazy overbearing stage dad! Allegedly! Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Archuleta's less-than-perfect performance of "We Can Work It Out" on Tuesday's episode may have been the result of an argument with his father on Monday. Purportedly unimpressed with the subpar quality of his son's singing, Jeff Archuleta "yelled at David during a recording session … and even brought him to tears."

According to blog L.A. Rag Mag, this isn't the first time Jeff's lost his temper. Citing a "reliable source," they say he harassed several other contestants when David was competing on Star Search in 2003, and was eventually banned from the set after making intimidating phone calls to some poor 12-year-old girl (she eventually beat David on the show).

Sure, you can probably argue with his methods, but there's no denying that the guy gets results. Through some magic (and alleged!) combination of shouting, shaming, and forced ambition, he's managed to create the greatest American Idol contestant in the show's seven-year history. When was the last time we truly saw a stage parent of this caliber? Murry Wilson? Joseph Jackson? It's almost sad to think about all those movies and TV shows ruined by less-talented children whose parents hadn't been nearly so vigilant and/or domineering. Jeff Archuleta, Vulture salutes you!

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