Helen Mirren Finally Wins Award for Lifelong Devotion to Nudity

Mirren in . Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

Forget the Oscar, forget the BAFTA, forget the Oliviers and the SAG Awards and the Emmys. The USA Naturist Society has given a richly deserved award to Dame Helen Mirren, naming the oft-unclothed star of The Queen and Calendar Girls No. 1 on their list of celebrity heroes of nudity. (Kyra Sedgwick, Matthew Fox, and noted bongo player Matthew McConaughey also appear on their top-ten list.) Considering the sexy sexagenarian's long-standing commitment to the cause of getting her kit off on film, we can think of no award the actress would clutch closer to her unhindered breast.

Helen Mirren wins award from USA Naturist Society [Mirror]

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