See the Alternate Ending for ‘I Am Legend’ That Was Too Satisfying for Test Audiences

I Am Legend arrives on DVD March 18th, and one of the bonus features is the film's darker original ending, which we think is much better than the reshot one they ultimately went with. In it, Will Smith (playing a virologist, hilariously) fails to find a cure for the disease that's turned the earth's population into people-eating zombies, and when the undead storm his basement laboratory, we finally learn why they're so pissed off: One of his test subjects is the girlfriend of the movie's alpha zombie. Even it's sort of gross, this alternate finale humanizes the bad guys and makes for a much more satisfying conclusion. So, naturally, test audiences hated it and thought it would be cooler if Will Smith (spoiler alert!) saved the planet, talked to Jesus, and blew himself up with a grenade. Nice work, Hollywood!

I Am Legend Alternative Ending [/Film]
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