Ida Entertain Lisa Loeb, Others at Park Slope Show

The view from the floor. Photo: Annie Lin

Short hair in spiky disarray, Daniel Littleton — husband and band mate (four and seven albums on, respectively) to Elizabeth Mitchell — looked like he'd just rolled out of bed when he mounted the stage at Ida's Union Hall show, a return to their old Brooklyn neighborhood, last night. Mitchell soon brought up the previous night's gig at Cakeshop. “We never do consecutive shows,” she said, almost in a sigh. “I get up so early, and ugh, I just can't...Is it okay to start a show this way?” For Ida, a group devoted to the articulation of committed love as it manifests itself in spooning and quiet acrimony (not so much fucking), it was a perfect opening gambit, and those in attendance — many of whom sat cross-legged on the floor, and apologized earnestly if they accidentally elbowed someone in the calf — greeted it with as much ardor as their sense of reverent decorum allowed. The couple was joined by a woman, on violin and back-up vocal duty, who went unintroduced; it was Daniel and Elizabeth's show — and a very fine one. Suffice it to say songs old and new (the set's first few off the spooky and spookily good Lovers Prayers) were delivered mostly with eyes squinting shut, and the audience (which included the band's old friend Lisa Loeb) fully awake to their bittersweet charms. —Nick Catucci