Is Amy Adams Honestly Suggesting That ‘She's Like the Wind’ Is Not the Greatest Love Song of All Time?

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"I was super into Dirty Dancing and the song 'She's Like the Wind.' It was like, 'That's the best romantic song ever written.' I wasn't introduced to a more artistic reality until much later." Amy Adams [NYP]

"I would hope they would want to do theater. If one of my kids came to me and said, 'I want to be a movie star,' I would be, like, 'Go to your room.'" Mary-Louise Parker on what she would do if one of her children wanted to be an actor [NYT]

"I really spent way too much time talking to person after person after person, about marketing and support, and how we're not just a chick show, we can do more than sell tampons." Amy Sherman-Palladino on Gilmore Girls [NYT]

"No disrespect, but they do the shit that Diddy do. But even though Diddy don't write rhymes, he writes checks … They just steal rhymes." Max B on Jim Jones [MTV]

"I think people think it's a little bit funny because when I come out at the beginning, I get an introduction, and the guy says, 'Now: The greatest songwriter in the world!' And I come out, and I'm so fat. It's unreal." Daniel Johnston on the humor in The Devil and Daniel Johnston [A.V. Club]