Is Grand Theft Auto IV the Perfect New York City Stress Reliever? Yes.

If you're one of the millions of frustrated, crappy-apartment-dwelling New Yorkers who got to work this morning via our city's fail-safe, eminently convenient, totally non-smelly public-transportation system, you'd probably like nothing more right now than to blow up a helicopter in Times Square or fire a bazooka off the Williamsburg Bridge — but please don't! Doing so would only make everyone else's evening commute even more unreasonable than it is on every other Manhattan weeknight (we suppose that's possible, in theory). Luckily, Grand Theft Auto IV — set in New York simulacrum Liberty City — finally arrives on April 29, and, as this brand-new trailer makes clear, it will finally allow us to do all the things we fantasize about doing whenever our urban surroundings impede on our ability to not be completely annoyed. Since we'd already decided a long time ago that we are definitely buying this, the only remaining question is what we'll make our avatar do first once we get it — head-butt that guy who made us miss a 6 train this morning or drive a tank through the living room of our jerk next-door neighbor with the surround sound.

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