Citing His Infallible Memory, Keith Richards Disputes the Accuracy of Ron Wood's Autobiography

Photo: AFP

"Ronnie is a big mouth. I love him dearly, but he's a flip-flap. I mean, I can never remember Ronnie pulling a gun on me. Some of these stories were so out of the picture that I just gave up and laughed." Keith Richards on reading bandmate Ronnie Wood's recent autobiography [Pr-Inside]

"I missed the call time by half-hour [due to flight delays from the arrest]. Helen Mirren just came to me, and held my hand, she said, 'Bai Ling, we understand. Use this for the film.'" Bai Ling on shoplifting, and the inimitable advice of Dame Mirren [PageSix]

"Once you get the past that feeling of absurdity that comes with acting towards a tennis ball in front of 500 people on the crew, it's actually a bit freeing…[plus] I don't want to offend the tennis ball — it's got a huge ego." Steven Strait on acting on green screen in 10,000 B.C. [Moviehole]

"Directing was a great experience but it's terrifying to have the responsibility of carving up the other actors' performances. I don't want to do that ever again. I want to be the guy who watches." John Krasinski on directing Brief Interviews With Hideous Men [People]

"People have normal jobs, where they go to work and they're not disemboweling themselves emotionally, so there's something really weird about the fact that actors are drawn to doing that." Kate Beckinsale on playing a mother whose young daughter goes missing in Snow Angels [Parade]