Leaked: Snoop Dogg Takes It Back to 1976, 1983, and 1957 (in That Order)

Photo: Courtesy of Geffen Records

Snoop Dogg, Ego Trippin

Official release date: March 11

The verdict: Like all latter-day Snoop Dogg albums, Ego Trippin is half-loaded with interminable filler. But how's the other half? Not too bad! You've heard "Sensual Seduction," his seventies-biting sex jam with the awesome video, but the Rick James ripoff the Time interpolation (thanks, helpful commenter!) "Cool" as well as "My Medicine," a not-half-bad country song (!) recorded in the style of Johnny Cash, should make for equally hilarious YouTube fodder. Also among the listenable are the slow, brass-enhanced "Press Play," the Kanye-produced (we think) "Those Gurlz," and the Neptunes-y "Sets Up." No real ground is broken, obviously, but the production is uniformly decent, and Snoop's drawl can still sound as menacing or funny as he wants it to. As usual, it'll probably take some sorting, but somewhere in here there's a pretty excellent EP.