‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’ Trailer: Corey Feldman Needs Some New Pants

The Tagline: "The next chapter of the cult phenomenon."

The Translation: Two Coreys, one cheap sequel.

The Verdict: The Tribe is the story of siblings who move to a sleepy little seaside town and battle a teen vampire gang. Sound familiar? That's because Tribe recycles everything about the Lost Boys, right down to the character of Edgar Frog: After 21 years, he still has the same haircut, same bandanna, same camo pants, and the same lame-ass insults ("She's a suck monkey!"). There's really only one reason to see this film: the big-screen reunion of former teen stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Have two other actors ever shared the same name and the same tragic, washed-out fate? We find the description of the vampire lifestyle given by The Tribe's would-be Kiefer Sutherland — "Never grow old.… Never die.… Never know fear again" — to be quite a touching thumbnail of the duo's barrel-scraping acting careers. So, even though Corey Haim is completely absent from this trailer, will we plunk down $11 to see the two Coreys try to suck (and man, will they suck) some life back into their feature-film careers through a cheap sequel? Sigh…you bet we will. —Tammy Oler