Marvel Superheroes Demand That You Cease and Desist Posting Spoilers

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Spoiler fever raged in the comic-book blogosphere late last week as marvelb0y, a blogger claiming to be a low-level employee at Marvel Comics, posted a bunch of plot details and images from upcoming Marvel comic books. Over the weekend, marvelb0y's blog disappeared — possibly because the blog was a Marvel plant to begin with, or possibly owing to this cease-and-desist letter from Marvel's legal department. The letter, addressed to marvelb0y's alias Riley Conners (a mash-up of two Spider-Man villains' names), is boilerplate legalese in every way, except for one hilarious detail: Marvel's letterhead features big, angry cartoon superheroes rushing right at the reader, fists clenched in fury.

Too bad there's no dialogue bubble! "You post these unauthorized images, infringing Marvel's sole and exclusive rights to control reproductions and distribution of its work? HULK SMASH!"

Will the real marvel b0y please step forward? [Blog@Newsarama via Beat/PW]