Porn-Rockers Erocktica Celebrate Easter

We left when she started playing the guitar behind her head. Photo: J. Lingo

Some bands are best seen live because of a certain presence or chemistry. One would assume that Erocktica, a “porn-rock” group, is best seen live because of the visual nature of their inspiration. And indeed, there was Erocktica front woman Pink Snow on display at Don Hills' “Porn Rock Easter Ball” last night. Snow, guitar lodged between silicone deposits, took the stage wearing a latex nun’s habit and yowling about Catholic-school life; she was backed by a metal band, bikinied dancers, and a gyrating Easter Bunny. The Bunny coupled with a nymphet. The group of photographers — who snapped away as a spectator, male, was stripped naked — included, for no obvious reason, competitive eaters Crazy Legs Conti (a friend of Grub Street, he is ranked No. 11 worldwide) and Nasty Nate Biller (No. 46). “By the time you’re 30,” Nasty Nate told us, “your competitive-eating career is done. It’s a lot like modeling.” —Sarah Maslin Nir