R. Kelly Finally Responds to Ne-Yo Lawsuit in New Dis Track

Photo: Getty Images

Last night a new track from Vulture buddy R. Kelly hit the Internet to much speculation and concern. On "I'm a Beast," Kellz eschews singing in favor of angry, partially incoherent rapping about an unnamed pop star, allegedly Ne-Yo. (Last November, as you may recall, Ne-Yo was booted from Kelly's Double Up tour after just one week, with Kelly citing "contractual issues" and Ne-Yo claiming Kelly was angry about being upstaged by his opening act. Ne-Yo later sued.) It's not a bad song, and as a dis track, it definitely hits its mark — we're just not sure why it took so long to make. Didn't all the major drama between these guys pretty much go down five months ago? And didn't it only take two weeks for Kelly to write and record his Virginia Tech tribute song last May? Come on, R. Kelly, we understand you've probably got a lot on your mind, but this is the Internet age! If you can't respond a little quicker next time, people are going to start questioning your commitment to this beef!

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