‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead’ Trailer: Hipsters Suck

Tagline: "We're making a play about vampires. It's not like they're real … are they?"

Translation: We made a movie about hipsters. But distribute it anyway … will you?

The Verdict: It was just a few months ago that this indie production was shooting, but there's already a slickly produced trailer, made presumably to raise interest among distributors in a movie that — let's face it — is about hipsters. An aimless, bearded ladies' man gets hooked up by his doctor dad to direct a play in the East Village? The film's directed by Domino lead singer Jordan Galland, with music by Sean Lennon? So hipstery. So we really wanted to hate this trailer but were kind of won over by it nonetheless. It's funny; it's handsome to look at; it stars Artie Bucco from The Sopranos, Dustin Hoffman's kid, and Ralph Macchio. And it establishes the creeping horror of a once-legitimate neighborhood being overtaken by soulless, pale, black-clad, nocturnal monsters. You know, vampires.