The B-52s Take Their Wigs Out of Mothballs

Photo: WireImage

"There are times when I wish we could just be like the Indigo Girls. But we've got to maintain the hair." Kate Pierson of the B-52s on dusting off her wig for their upcoming tour [NYT]

"Some people would heckle me and say 'Where's the dress?' and I'd say 'Don't oppress me, you Nazi' — tends to shut them up. Because I have fought for the right to be able to wear a dress, not that I have to wear a dress. I didn't jump out of a not-wearing-dress box into a have-to-wear-dress box." Eddie Izzard on his transvestite past [NYT]

"It's like Band of Brothers in space, with Jedi." George Lucas on Star Wars: The Clone Wars [LAT]

"It does affect what I watch at home, because my 3-year-old will come in and go, ''I want to watch Cars. I want to watch Cars. I want to watch Cars.' And I go, ''Daddy has to watch Bret Michaels! Go away! Get outta here! Daddy's working!'" Joel McHale on The Soup [EW]

"Zak’s crazy as a shithouse rat." Michael McKean on The Grand writer/director Zak Penn [NYM]